+27 (0)76 373 4602 hello@social-circle.co.za
+27 (0)76 373 4602 hello@social-circle.co.za

who we are

Social Circle was created by Lisa Sharland to bring together expertise and passion. We believe that people work best when they love what they do – and we LOVE helping smaller businesses grow through social media marketing.

We offer 15 years of international and local big brand social media marketing expertise, and dish up the most innovative and creative solutions with a strong emphasis on return on investment (ROI) for our clients. 


what makes us different

Apart from being a social media marketing agency that specializes in the small to medium size business sector, we also…

  • Bring big brand expertise to SMEs for a fraction of the cost of a large social media marketing agency.
  • Our innovative approach is focused on data analysis & social listening to drive audience-led strategies.
  • We focus on ROI for our clients, and use the latest analytics software to track our performance against the agreed goals.

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